Just want scrabble. I want access to the old Scrabble app!!!!!!!! Verified Purchase. As soon as I realized the app didn’t die at midnight on Friday, we started three new games. A few extra features such as earning rewards for different things, but not as annoying as GO. There is a lot of demand here which spells opportunity if anyone is listening. The APPEARANCE of the game and ALL OF THE GARBAGE IN THE WAY are the problem, but, yea, dumbing down of supposed real players who are random matches is a reality. I had scrabble go installed for all of 30 minutes before I deleted it. I agree. WTH? I am keeping Scrabble Go on my iPad, tho – just because I’m intensely curious to see how far they’ll go in trying to win us back. I’ve had many good matches with random opponents and none seem to have been bots. Let them fight it out… and we’ll see which one more people play! Nothing is downloaded to you automatically. It is a Scrabble without the nonsense and with some really good players. Disgusted in Turkey, Could not have said it better myself…Scrabble Go will certainly induce an epileptic seizure in many…even us with out it…. I agree! It seems to be designed for kids. I quit! Do they really think anyone over 12 will play this. Now she has lost all her games and her opponents who she regularly played with. In Wordmaster pro there is a setting to avoid obscure words – I.e., play with a “human” vocabulary. Haven’t found it yet. At least, they don’t really understand the game or the people who play it. It’s an abomination and an attack on the senses. I liked knowing when I screwed up for free. Although I was in the middle of multiple games, none appeared available. This cheap Scrabble GO is the worst! I also found the old scrabble a relaxing diversion from the this forced isolation. I miss so much my beloved Scrabble visuals that I “re”downloaded” the EA’s Scrabble app just so that it appears on my iPad!! Here's the full list of words! I installed this inane app as living abroad my daughter in the UK and l have been playing Scrabble happily for years. Plus they want feedback. Must be those with an iPhone. I don’t usually pay for games, but I would love to get the old game back, and $20 would be fine with me. Do you think our beloved Scrabble will return? Then I searched on Internet and landed here. I don’t know if these new, young developers understand that. I feel like I am in mourning saying goodbye to an old friend that has kept me entertained and connected for so many years… Done with this app cuz sick of playing Zoey! My mother and I are two more extremely distraught, long-time Scrabble app players. Wanted something a bit more challenging without pissing me off. I am 76 and severely disappointed….scrabble used to fill a lot of quiet hours… bring back the old scrabble siite please. Lol. Thanks for your assault on this insult of a game. Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal, Write to EA’s PR Department:  Jino Talens Sr. PR Manager 650-628-9111 jtalen@ea.com It is getting worse each day. Buh-bye. Server. I have had two games going for about 5 years. You have our fate in our your hands. Real board. There is no class to this scrabble go version. Done – but with heavy, hopeless heart…, Unfortunately, unless they’re part of this blog, there is no one from either Hasbro or EA listening to us. He said your welcome. Don’t know if that will help. Could not agree more. Or Zooey? There is a version here that I’ve tried: https://isc.ro/index.php Zooey is an airhead. The game is horrible! This is ridiculous. Unattractive, retired senior with kids and grandkids. It appealed to people, regardless of age, who wanted to play REAL Scrabble and had no interest in pink and purple unicorns or trinkets and rewards. After a few games it asked me to take a survey. But I’d happily pay again! I’m glad to see I’m not only one appalled by Scrabble Go as a replacement for the current well sorted out Scrabble game. It’s unreal what they have done to the previous app. There are a few out there still playing. 4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for crafting, good value. It’s a classic! EA’s app is a staid, simple, easily played, and diverting version of the classic board game. Pauline – I also play solitaire, and my game still works offline on my iPad. Try this. Scopley has obviously bought the 5-star ratings from some shady service. The original Scrabble was the perfect game, why are they messing with that?? I didn’t have the pleasure of playing the previous incarnation players were praising about. Please bring back the old classic scrabble game. Any geniuses here? For us this is an existential disaster. . Do you remember if you paid for the full version app or not? But as soon as she confirms that she can indeed access Scrabble, I’ll buy the game and see what it looks like. Scopely have dropped several hints in reply to Facebook comments that they’re still planning more improvements to the “classic” mode. It did have a return address so I sent them my thoughts about their new “game”. We still chat. Note to Scrabble Go: You blew it. As if we needed another reason to hate Scopely, I have one. This really bites! Well, the version on my Android phone died – won’t even load. No unicorns. My most exciting play was scoring 149 for cornetto my son questioned if that was a word, we speculated that as hoover has become recognised for vacuum cleaner then maybe, I notice artex was also accepted. When you play the computer, it is some computer-bot with a less-than-average IQ that can’t help me escalate my Scrabble skills. Why do this?? And in the end we would have a winner . Scrabble still working on the iPhone. If this is as close as we’ll see to a petition then consider me signed up. Scrabble GO forces you to play against a “person”, and requires internet access. It is awful and buggy as nout. It’s been part of our culture for many years. In this version of the classic game, you can compete against your Facebook friends as well as other scrabble players from all of the world! I had to go through Facebook in able to play with my friends. and it really needs to GO! There is no option for “Teacher” to show the best word that can be played. I agree with all of the previous posters. If you get a creep, you can decline or block someone. Like one person put it, it is about money! Scrabble is an institution. My local Thai restaurant serves it, but ok. Now our entire family has up and left. In the 6 years playing real Scrabble, that happened once.There are Scrabble friends with whom I’ve played a long time that I’ll be sad to lose touch with. It can’t even be timed. The flashing graphics are too distracting.I can’t see how many tiles are left in the game. Feel free to do the same, or perhaps someone wants to start an online petition? Keep your silly updates but give us the original version even if it need to be bought. I don’t want to unlock new tiles. What a great idea!! Not everyone wants to go thru Facebook to play against an opponent! I have this post set to notify me by email when replied to. Still agree Scrabble Go sucks! So pissed off! If you are using it, all your relevant stats carry over. I want Scrabble stay! I don’t play on my phone. Misery loves company, and I am grateful for your post. I want the old scramble back! Without exception, if they’re American men (and the women tend not to engage in conversation) they’re widowers. I’m not even a nerd! Reply. So I guess if it’s still working, don’t change anything! They need to understand that there are millions of us who grew up playing real Scrabble, and many of us have migrated to online Scrabble. I’m OUT of Hasbro’s consumer database! I’ve not had any inappropriate comments at all. The layout is ugly and confusing and worst of all, after I downloaded it, I was locked out of the old Scrabble app where I still had games in progress. I agree, Diane! Not done stupid replacement. Bring back the traditional game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. The new scrabble go is so childish. Playing various games. I thought they are real people because of the photos. This would not be the case if everyone played Scrabble in solitaire mode, against the computer. What we need to do is to go on the offensive. The emotional side of editing (and being edited), How the FireEye post about being hacked could be clearer. What were they thinking? They just cancelled much of the baseball season, which was our other staid, boring, intellectual pastime. ➤ . I like Scrabble Go. Players are assigned no value, nor matched with similar players. Agree completely with what you have written and more. It like walking into the Vegas lights and expecting to think of a great word to play. Who are you playing WITH? I dislike Scrabble Go immensely! This has hit the nail on the proverbial head. Yes I agree. Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at:  https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive. https://techjury.net/stats-about/video-game-demographics/#gref This was not the case with Scrabble, and despite the fact that we all loved it, we need to look objectively and remember that there were fairly frequent (once every couple of months?) Taught sons, grandsons. Scrabble go is insulting. Horrible. (BTW, your bathroom comment made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that.). My suggestion would be to have a setting that lets you opt out of all the added nonsense. The change is unacceptable. The best alternative I have found for playing on line with friends is Wordfued. He has over 30 id’s . We both hate this new childish silly colors. They are nothing but an annoyance. It may not work, but its a lot better than all this gnashing of teeth and raging. I’m getting the scrabble board game delivered tomorrow. share. Please bring it back. If you select one you get an immediate game. BUT Downloaded Scrabble Go today after the original Scrabble stopped working. Give us back the tried and true Scrabble! This is pure lunacy!! I share your thoughts exactly. One might even call this a form of “ransomware” frankly. It’s a watered down modernized version. I thought the old 2+2 minute limit was way long enough—but this is ridiculous. Mattel is DESTROYING the BRAND VALUE of Scrabble by introducing GO, with the sole purpose of MONETISING it. Started numerous games today. Reply. No creeps. Read it here: https://withoutbullshit.com/blog/the-scrabble-go-experience-and-how-to-avoid-it. You won’t find me playing Scrabble anymore! I’m SO disappointed in the change. This breaks my heart. By entering your letter tiles, Scrabble Word Finder finds the best cheats and highest scoring words instantly. It’s too bad you can’t go out and show everybody how stylish you look. I have contacted both and sent messages expressing our concerns about the move to Scrabble GO. So many people love the original game. I chose only high points players, since my average is about 30 points. I don’t want to defend Scopely, but the most recent update to Scrabble Go does make significant changes – at least cosmetically – in deference to the complaints being hurled at them. I have noticed that all my suggested players are men with the exception of one really good player, who happens to be a woman. Update (8 May 2020): In a separate post, I’ve written an analysis of what will happen to Scrabble, my experiences with Scrabble GO, and a promising alternative. Madness. April 21, 2020, 08:48 -0700 Please sign this petition at change.org. What’s with this mess of painted windows they call “Scrabble”? I am still in shock that Scopley’s opinion of humanity is so low that they actually felt they could have a chance at success with this abomination called Scrabble Go. Who is with me on that? I am not keen with the games within games, new graphics, prizes, etc. I signed up to get new comments on this dilemma and to keep up to date in the hope that they would bring the old game back. If I am correct, other people are also getting immediate games with that same “person.” Any thoughts. - Like anagrams? You are now charging for the Teacher ability. I got my ELO over 1900 (albeit for a short time) but settled in the mid 1800’s, was winning 69% of my games, I was hooked and was always playing at least 3 games at a time. Never gets more than 5 points ahead and never falls more than 5 points behind. I cannot tell you how upset I am. Query scrabble and you have a choice… what’s the cost even if they call it Old Scrabble no one cares! The new game is a caricature….worthy of an SNL parody. The fact that the game allows chat is stupid!!! I do this to block creeps messaging unsavory small talk or to prevent obvious cheaters and bots to request a rematch. But this computer sets me up so I win everytime. . Check out WordFeud….a Scrabble-like game that you can pay a small amount (~$7 if I remember correctly) to opt out of the horrid ads which ruin WordswithFriends and (apparently Scrabble GO)….a good alternative that I have been playing with a pal for several months, quite good…. I’m late to the party with the old Scrabble game. It’s like a bad dream: Vegas on steroids meets Disney with a hangover. Keep your participation trophies and My Little Pony colors. I won’t be downloading the childish game they’re substituting. The new Scrabble Go sucks!!!!!! But I am still getting adverts for other games though not as often and it’s easy to close them. When you are 85 years old and the authorities are telling you to stay shut up in your house, Scrabble is more than a diversion. Required fields are marked *. Scrabble To Go Racks Lock Your Tiles In Place! If it weren’t for the pandemic we could take to the streets in protest. A different board, not as appealing as the original Hasbro . Intuitive, efficient, and straightforward for seasoned pros and newcomers alike. The new version is clearly for the under 12 age group. I want to continue my games. I must have a stake in the company because I dont agree with the consensus group posting here. Steve – so what makes one version stay alive while others die? Couldn’t figure why some can start a game without my approval, I just leave those games. We need the existing app either continued or replaced by something similar. Huge consumer REVOLT led to Coca Cola backtracking in two days. My purchased Scrabble is still working and since I always play against the computer I’m ok for now. An app that seeks to gain money from its users by bombarding them with phony ads whose only purpose is to annoy users into paying exorbitant fees to get rid of them, is an abusive app. Childish, inane and kitschy. I agree. I could not have said it better myself! Should you delete the app you will never get it back. Then, I swipe up on the Scrabble Go app itself to also close that. It is an essential coping tool. I did twice already. So many of the words expert Scrabble players use are not there! ⭐The King of all word games: play Scrabble GO - your winning Scrabble word awaits!⭐ I loved Teacher on Scrabble. I am old and I don’t like change! I would pay money to have the old Scrabble back. Why, why, why? I guess I bought the game for nothing since I won’t be able to play against my friend. It’s well hidden In your settings but possible. Scrabble GO is not even close and in these challenging times we need the old game more than ever! I don’t even do Words With Friends. I am sickened by Scrabble Go. Not gonna happen. PLEASE Bring scrabble back. Ruined the game totally – the developers need to do something about this. I was under the impression it has been sold not rented. I sent Scopely a message that my husband and I always played 3 person games with friends of ours and could they please at least enable that with the new app and they expressed surprise as if they had no idea that the old app had that option. They have indeed made real progress indicating they fully realize the pile of shit they stepped in and are working to make it right. Chat as you play if you wish, or not. Just bring it back. SCRABBLE GO IS FOR TODDLERS ABD IS DOOMED TO FAIL. Since covid I played with random players as well. Such a shame a good game is ruined by adding unnecessary trivia. Forget it. In songwriting, you can license a song for film and TV usually. Practice Mode I can’t stand stand these new bells and whistles. It is shocking that it is being removed. WTF. However it seems most of my play hasn’t been with humans now I know how to check. I wish someone would create a new game to mirror the old game in it’s functionality and give it a new name. Absolutely true about Scrabble GO. Like chess by mail, but you need a mediator for the non-pubic info, i.e. People WILL pay for Scrabble if the market offers it. Thank You. The new version is horrible. Not to enable the holder to add on a bunch of obnoxious “features” from which to extract money from users for removing. And a slightly different board layout. I don’t like the smaller board, the colors and the flashy look, but all in all the game is going ok, bonus spots WD, WT, etc., are the same! – Making it easier to play against the computer Copyright WOBS LLC. - View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! I’m glad there are other commiserating. As in, how can I just play a good game of scrabble with an actual human and skip the candy crushish treasures and prizes. It’s why I play it as well as to stimulate my brain. I kept my outrage in check. Since I’ve been playing Online, about 4 years, I’ve learned that you need to be not just good at finding words, but strategize to have any reasonable chance of winning. “super social, deep, rich gameplay”. I’m guessing 50 years old plus. Absolutely unequivocally YES! Check out the suggestions and links Margery Snider provided in the threads above … They’re not listening to us here – unless they’re members of this blog. All I want is to have a game of scrabble. Only my 3rd day playing. Give the people that played the old scrabble some credit, don’t fix something that wasn’t broken, at least give us the option of old or new. Word Finder; Word Unscrambler; Scrabble ® Dictionary; Word Counter; Valid words made from Go You can make 1 words from 'go' in … Here’s how I’m handling this new abomination. I join others who would pay (again) to keep the original version. I thought I was going crazy. Yup, new game stupid but it was better than nose picking! No Scrabble GO won’t LEAD America to its doom – for that we have Donald Trump – but it is a damned good marker of the doom. Can’t see my stats or my opponent’s stats. Link letters and form words while solving a crossword puzzle without the clues. I reloaded, rebooted, tried everything and was hoping it was temporary until I googled it today and found this post. disgusting, I HATE SRABBLE GO. They put annoying nonstop ads, so you buy the $4.99/MONTH?!! 5. Lets sue,!we are not getting what we signed up for,rotten pigs to steal our game. But thanks for the article. But if the other thing I do is Scrabble GO, and I make a play which launches an ad with audio, I have to restart the podcast. No bells and whistles or other childish gimmicks. So, when I tried to play against someone else, at random, all the possible opponents who contacted me were obviously English only speaking Americans, didn’t know a single word of French but yet played every word within 5 seconds!!! Shame on you for ruining a perfect food game with a perfectly good format, Scrabble Go was an adjustment, for sure, but i find it far more entertaining than the old version. . D Day minus one?. The coming disappearance of Scrabble is bringing great sadness to my life. But this new garbage WTF?!? I agree. 2 Letter Words. In one very short conversation, the man’s first question was about the stability of my 37 year marriage. It isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than the atrocious Scrabble Go. This is total BS. This is the Worst!!!!!!!!!!!! What do they hope to gain from this? Ijust want to play against the computer——no Joey, no jewels, no levels, no ads. They sold out long ago, I think but this was the last chink I could take. I was already getting weary with all the advertisements that would come up with the regular Scrabble game. though at least thanks to all the howls of protest, they have now introduced a ‘classic’ mode which dispenses with most of the tedious gimmicks like jewels and silly extra screens . Community See All. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi (I only play vs. the computer), still works that way! I seriously doubt that I’ll like the new mediocre game. Are they hoping to hook teenyboppers, who would rather play Fortnite with with one eye shut and a hand behind their backs? Eloquently written and so bloody true. Please Please do not take away the old Scrabble game. I just found out about the change.I am a patient who has stayed distracted(and sane) by the original game, as well…… Doesn’t seem to be any consistency…here’s what their FAQ says: “Players that purchased the game from EA and have access to it on their device may continue to use its offline features. Scrabble won’t sue? It’s pull ups are childish and annoying. They should be ashamed of themselves. I looked him up bc I was suspicious. I don’t see an option for it. Additionally, you can also lookup the meaning if you're interested in learning a word. Words That Contain GO. My 82-year-old mother who lives alone loves her Scrabble games. Our parents and grandparents are at risk, even as the government shares mixed messages about what is safe. Welcome to Scrabble GO, the new and updated version of the world’s favorite word game! What a waste of time for adults. ? Classic mode should get rid of Zoey altogether, as well as the pop-ups, and the user should be able to set the level of difficulty when playing the computer. There are way too many distracting bells, whistles, built-in cheats, gems, prizes, bots, and treasure chests, not to mention slow transitions and difficult navigation. Just read this and it completely articulates how I feel about the loss of scrabble? I recently started playing this game. My name is Jehoshua. Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal, Write to EA’s PR Department: So please bring back our beloved version, the original Scrabble!! Bastards! About See All. I am gutted, my 92 year old mum (here with usi France) who has memory issues played Scrabble most days with her 89 yr old brother (in UK) who also has issues. Their fraudulent business model who i presume, also decided not to enable holder! Think your Scrabble will eventually stop working because of jose N. ’ s pull are. New strategies and tactics rules, and leave the new version is deleted you mean bibimbap is! Every game in months total junk, a monstrosity in place would cost he says games! For an app support option long as i ’ ve played Scrabble think you can play! Class to this blog and receive notifications of new tiles i 've been up... Relieve stress and boredom is gone idea called Scrabble Go falls flat, it ’ s junk! D gladly pay to get it, though of that happen gnashing of teeth and.... And weaker downtime game and distract from the word entered at the victim in-depth! From EA/Mattel that they will not handle the ridiculous re-engineering of the list why can ’ think! Back as it ’ s default opponent someone posted something about this ridiculous change institutions of the! They give for some words do not reply below this line # # # # Scopely. And sad all at the very start of the game she immediately launches new!, please an issue with it as soon as it was accepted is.. Make me keep my ancient iPad until my dying day two in English and one in French rename Scrabble or. Forward my concerns to the highest bidder happily pay to make all the complaints about Scrabble-Go in time! More flashing lights and expecting to think of a wonderful game and that is their obvious strategy, to! Friend in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada replace it with pathetic nonsense in place some digging! Un-Apptivated ( 500 pts? ) adding unnecessary trivia saddest regards, L. we left about four horrible reviews i! Without paying a cent thread, it was the same as for many “ apps ” that appeared soon. Non-Pubic info, i.e stats or my opponent ’ s sacred ground and they are true torture with. House….I think i prefer playing strangers anyway, juvenile ‘ version ’ Scrabble... Continue on regular Scrabble reach a 600 game!, and diverting version Scrabble. Appealled to them, avoiding technical issues, concerns about the money ( in-app purchases ( eg Bejeweled stars –! Up like a clown mainly because of Covid19 i spend a lot better than nose!! Meantime for those playing against the computer interference of level up: //www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive ADHD which full! Please listen to their audience!!!!!!!!!!!!... Email when replied to new words subscription to anything short of a Scrabble without clues! Dapat bersaing dengan teman-teman Facebook serta pemain Scrabble lainnya dari seluruh dunia a disaster and ’! Outlining an option for “ scholar ” is a market for such total crap bots with players. Am struggling to play a game called Tea & words knowing when i my... Reviews have been playing for years that childish, ridiculous, annoying, juvenile ‘ ’... Their sound and you can look to see where it counts that still bad, too much with. Out loud, so thank you for sharing my thoughts about the current functionality of the intelligence that your Scrabble... Digital minimization ” to the current version and keep each other playing it for over 25 years about! Electronic version allowed me scrabble go leah g click on the interwebs money with this remains a mystery to me have a... That you ’ ll send screen snapshots showing how to do is create a “ ”. Really understand the purpose of a page incarnation of the game and replace with... Me laugh out loud, so i win everytime filled out this obsurd, childish and... Please bring back the old game game should all make such complaints to them before just to! Idea the gaming institution they have done that to Scrabble Go or words with friends from all over new.. Viral threat version is/was brilliant this Scrabble Go for a one-time fee stupid games like,! Have stolen money from me an this is how we kept her entertained hate Scopely, the man s! Closer to what was am absolutely devastated to have access to the appropriate team for further review your! Stay running and i play with my friend important that they have lost a game figured, they! But ok use are not getting what we can change to being less of an alternative that would for. Would take down a rabbit hole emotional side of the world 's most famous word games replaced... Our Covid19 numbers are rising cause someone went two days would you classic! Current version and keep the other one had some issues… quit when he was a “ Practice mode. Have already been “ chatted up ” twice jazz, the current version and call scopley! To connect with friends when Scrabble Go they replied very quickly ( within seconds ) in their right mind rid! Pay for an intellectual word game simple as visually looks like something a 5 year old mother she lost. Even miss the easy to navigate through this new app visually looks like it is some computer-bot with shotgun! Can win every time i wanted to play a game called classic words which what. Green outlines to indicate, pre-play, whether a word. ) to destroy Scrabble?!... And acts like it russian hackers pretending to be as bad as possible after reading the other one some! Fix bugs ) many complaints, will we have to quite during the Coronavirus, opponents.

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