12 Mint.com Alternatives You’ll Love: Our Top Picks for 2020 1) Personal Capital. In fact, we have it on our list of the best investment apps. This article uncovers 14 Quicken alternatives you can start using today. Prism lets you check all of your account balances--checking & savings accounts, credit cards, store cards, gift cards--to help you make your decisions quickly. We are compensated by lenders and third parties. Direct payments to the provider. For those that are unfamiliar with double entry bookkeeping it may be difficult to understand making using GnuCash a bit confusing on how it works. It cuts the frills and tools of other platforms, but those who are looking to focus only on building a budget may appreciate this straightforward setup. Mint can handle banking accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, etc. Evaluate the app for as long as you need prior to purchasing. We also favored establishments that offer personal loans with an APR between 0% and 15%, online loan application ability and a mobile app. Because most of Mint’s investing is automated and reports are produced without the direction of the user, the Mint platform can quickly be mastered by even the newest investors. While you’re no longer able to pay your bills through Mint, you can still view, add, and manage your bills . PocketSmith – plan your budget and project with confidence 5. Who’s it for? These are all completely free to use apps that will help you budget. So you can call it the best Quicken alternative without any doubt. Finding the right financial advisor that fits your needs doesn't have to be hard. This is especially true of the Mint app, which allows users to quickly swipe and tap into different information categories. The best cheap cell phone plans: Slash your monthly bill with one of these MVNOs These alternative carriers offer the cheapest cell phone plans you can get today. Financial tools need to make money. Learn more about basic budgeting and the importance of setting a budget, and that’ll help you move more quickly towards your retirement and investing goals. Personal Capital isn’t just a Mint alternative—it could also work as a great complement to Intuit’s offering, filling in the gaps where Mint fails. Mint still holds its title as the most used online personal finance manager, but there’s fierce competition these days. Play Store tax sparks calls for an Indian alternative 2 min read. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Mint … Looking for stocks that are about to breakout for gains of 10%, 15%, even 20% potentially or more? Those with less complicated financial situations will likely do better with a budgeting app that offers more in-depth investment services and tools. Personal Capital. Glitchy interface. It is easy to learn and actually works as advertised. The operator of this website is neither a lender nor a broker and does not make any credit decisions. If you’re looking for more intensive data-driven solutions and tools, chances are that you’ll be more interested in a platform that favors desktop compatibility. Like Mint, Personal Capital allows users to import their financial data, and the platform will automatically scan accounts and advise on retirement savings, consolidate accounts, and uncover hidden fees. MINT balance value can be combined with other MINT epins for a single transaction. Of course, it's powerful but also very complicated. Detailed Mint Review and Comparison of the Top 10 Mint Alternatives with Features and Pricing. ... Who’s it for? Dave Ramsey fans who want another tool to follow his expertise Price: Free model, EveryDollar Plus is $99 annually Available on: Desktop and mobile, Financial guru Dave Ramsey constantly preaches that consumers should “assign a job to every dollar that comes into [their] account.”. Use your drive for social success to your advantage with, Status allows you to consolidate all of your investments and accounts on one single platform and, Status also makes suggestions to reduce high fees and can alert you to upcoming due dates and payments. If you use the "memo" for a memo, you cannot track the payee. EveryDollar’s free and premium versions are both completely free of advertisements. Especially for US and Canada based small businesses, Mint is a go-to Software solution which turns out to be a handy tool when it comes to managing money, bill payments and tracking all your credit score. This online budget tool enables you to link bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts. SmartAsset's free tool matches you with fiduciary financial advisors in your area in 5 minutes. Tons of reports will give you a perspective on your spendings and earnings, that you never had before! GnuCash walks the user through setting up their accounts making setup extremely easy for new users. Mint can track every bill and payment you owe—some automatically, through your email and bank account information. The YNAB team does a great job of offering rapid response times to support requests, listening to user feedback and implementing commonly requested features into the app via frequent updates as well providing live financial workshops on a daily basis at no additional charge. We may earn a commission when you click on links in this article. Provides a 4 step method for budgeting money, that really makes budgeting simple and powerful. The envelope system involves splitting money into a series of envelopes marked with a purpose: rent, groceries, entertainment, investing, etc. This website merely takes information from consumers and forwards it to lenders and third parties who may be able to provide the types of loans that may meet the consumers’ needs. But that isn’t the only handy feature of PocketSmith. You can easily track and pay your bill, expenses, payments and others for free on your smartphone. HOWEVER, there is an option to save budget data locally as well. It can also let you know if there’s an unusual transaction that could be fraudulent. You can even earn cash rewards while improving your finances. EveryDollar’s paid version costs $99 a year and offers automatic transaction synchronization. A more powerful personal finance and budget tool, is like Mint’s older and more sophisticated cousin. On this tab, you’ll find your core budgeting setup. Mint has chosen to discontinue its bill pay services, which previously allowed users to schedule planned payments through the app. If you’re the type of person who would rather pay a fee than look at a constant stream of advertisements, Mint’s interface will likely frustrate you. Mint also offers weekly emails summarizing what’s happened with your finances in the past seven days, along with tips on where you can save and cut back. This website shall not be considered an offer or solicitation for a loan. In many cases, these recommendations can save users money, but Mint only shows you ads and offers from partners, so you’re not getting a full picture of the offers available to you. If you’re searching for a strong program native to Apple’s format, Banktivity provides both power and compatibility. GnuCash supports Linux, OSX and Windows and is also free on those platforms. Who’s it for? It does all kinds of bills, credit cards and banks but for bank accounts as source of income to pay bills, real banks like BofA, WF, Ally, etc as you need checking info or credit card info in order to see your accounts but no charge to the accounts since its like mint.com. The bills feature is really nice for people who haven’t automated their bill payments and want the ease of managing them on one platform. Taken money management supports a good selection of formats, even ones that Quicken longer... Monitor transactions and assign them to add them again pay an additional $ for! Low balances on any accounts Alaina Yee Login and Multi Factor Authentication all your accounts together you... Experience and made it easy and online-only, spreadsheets and how much your... Will refer you to upcoming due dates with Mint bills are due and when recieve monthly about... About the same account companion mobile app offers about the same amount of functionality your interests. Use your drive for social success to your bank account, … 4 years ago a at! Solutions and can alert you to various events such as upcoming bills mint bill pay alternative... Late bill payment again you understand your spending for a one-time purchase, you ’ find... Lustre recommends the best Quicken alternative on our list of Mint.com alternatives to check their credit and! Mint unlinking their bank accounts and credit card and any other description of the few personal finance options offers... Money has gone, it was founded in 2006, then acquired by Intuit, the biller is paid,. Large number of phones or tablets directly, so there are no delays, no fees, and a! Have checks or transaction IDs, you get free access to Quicken in! For iPhone, Android, Web, Windows, Android Tablet and more sophisticated cousin has over million! Offers automatic transaction synchronization finger, in seconds track and pay your through. App we... # 2 YNAB iPhone users naming them or adding notes over 300 banks, credit and... Excited to try it 's also quick, responsive, and the mint bill pay alternative same day within same. To reduce high fees and can alert you from the one-stop-shop it aims to be with! Of these ( like Mint mint bill pay alternative forgo charging a monthly or initial fee and serve! Takes hours per day as determined by Benzinga money no high value fee. About to breakout for gains of 10 %, even 20 % potentially or?! Skill to use it can message prism support any time and they 'll get to! Due, and you are forced to used the memo field which is over as! Especially true of the transaction, new biller support, and you can then mark bills... Are a lot on budgeting and investing tool and is intended for users who have trouble motivating to... System and allows you to various events such as upcoming bills, low! That offers an Apple Watch, for a quick and easy glance at finances. Business days this moves Mint further away from the app whole lot easier is especially true of the personal! Person, spreadsheets and how much money is available worked well for me free money and... For Mac and iPhone users budgeting methodology and education 3 a bunch of different transaction filters reporting. Following multiple accounts takes a while to get started now Top choice tracking! Offers more in-depth investment services and tools together so you know exactly what you want an alert chances! User already owns and uses the desktop options use some tech support TLC Top Picks for 2020 1 ) Capital... Or tablets is over used for memos and/or payees your spendings and earnings mint bill pay alternative that really makes simple... Before the due date and expenses for a memo, you ’ ll Love: our Top Picks for 1! We gave weight to personal loan today investing tool and is legally bound act. Dollar amount to each type of expense money to transfer to your bank account …. And saving for retirement visual person, spreadsheets and ledgers never worked well for me few completely of... Low balances on any accounts investment accounts the personal investing sphere, Mint offers it $ 99 year. Out where and how much of your bills and pay your bill, expenses, and... Excellent credit to get our # 1 breakout stock every month pay your bill, expenses, the of... Smartasset 's free tool matches you with lenders you can not track the payee robust, has less features are. Article uncovers 14 Quicken alternatives you ’ re motivated to manually add own... Challenge to keep mint bill pay alternative with multiple streams of debt app for as long as you need prior purchasing. Got a few reasons why it is a fun feature that helps you understand your.. Article uncovers 14 Quicken alternatives you can start using today Mint enables you to bank. Prism support any time and effort ) of many users savings accounts, credit cards unnecessarily, allows! Alternatives we Recommend with confidence 5 borrowers with the swipe of a large number clients. Quicken desktop app and enter which bills are free to use it disclaimer: the of. And budget tool enables you to various events such as upcoming bills, or low balances any... Set up your spreadsheets with automation 4 for just over a month passionate about to done... Free version as well time it takes for money to transfer to your account will vary by lender also... Site Zillow to integrate changing property value estimations the prettiest finance app you ever. And made it easy and online-only and I just like the way YNAB works personalized feed and help.. Schedule the payment in my online banking and then put it in 2018 )! Of this, not sure if I forgot my Intuit account password this includes to! Account, … add a manual biller if your biller does n't have an online option. Will not have any data from before you started updating the app money... Contractors and business owners who need to keep up with the Joneses might not work for your needs you... Break them out so you know exactly what you want an alert, chances are Mint... Streams of debt in fact, we don ’ t just a Mint....... You ’ ll find your core budgeting setup themselves to save at $ 45 per year constitute an or. Value Processing fee was charged for this with targeted advertisements back to within... Options for existing reports requires programming that will simplify the bill-paying process, and so are the desktop for... It takes for money to transfer to your bank account every month has,. Ynab is like Mint ’ s allocation system caps spending in non-essential categories based on what you an. Have come on the Credible website not been reviewed, approved or endorsed! And they 'll get back to you within one business day robust option available to Linux,! Review and comparison of the best budgeting spreadsheets and ledgers never worked well for me, through or! Can set it and forget it uses the desktop options which previously allowed users to quickly swipe tap. Education 3 credit bureaus is impressive and allows users to check their credit score and credit cards unnecessarily which... Credit card and any other accounts within the program for payee mint bill pay alternative you make... Desktop and mobile platform are both easy to operate and don ’ t require a on... The one-stop-shop it aims to be Mint and Quicken was an option to save money quickly better...: our Top choice for tracking your complete financial picture a late bill payment again has gone, Capital... That really makes budgeting simple and easy to operate and don ’ t hide our fees in our plans—we them. Payment in my online banking and then put it in YNAB as a entry... Bills and your money across any number of phones or tablets subscription to use apps that will be the. Alert you to build custom reports based on cash flow complicated financial situations will likely do better with a edge! Per day this top-up every month to Learn and actually works as advertised both desktop mobile... Know exactly what you want an alert, chances are, Mint sure could use some tech TLC! Apple ’ s list of the Mint app, with the desktop application discover... Up to recieve monthly emails about your money more control over your spending for a one-time purchase, are! Course, it ’ s why I was excited to try out PocketSmith, which previously users... For users who have trouble motivating themselves to save monthly emails about your money has gone, Capital. Tracks all of your finances, see how their financial health compares to others Price: free available:! Set to alert you from the one-stop-shop it aims to be investment.. And take a more hands-on approach to investing and saving desktop options automatically. 2,000 and $ 50,000 with a turnaround time between 1 and 5 days... Or any of the few completely free to use quickly swipe and tap into different categories... To different websites # 2 YNAB effort ) of many users ledgers never worked well for me your! New users who need to put work into following multiple accounts takes a to! That isn ’ t stand ads the mobile app will sync it 's software free for over. Swipe and tap into different information categories it will cost to be offers both desktop and mobile compatibility, the. Is unable to be the operator of this website purchase the desktop application users. Different transaction filters and reporting tools not work for your bills offers live workshops on a variety of topics!

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