Using R-410A refrigerant, Airxcel Mach 8 Cub excels at dissipating heat in the interior and proves to be environmentally friendly. Refer to the instructions about which refrigerant to obtain on the side of the RV air conditioner unit. Thanks to the well-engineered shroud, the unit enjoys superior drag reduction as well as ventilation. They also reduce the risk of damage to the unit when passing under low bridges or other overhanging obstacles. Rooftop air conditioner units are popular since they’re installed on the roof, saving you space inside the RV. You wrote the cooling capacity not the power consumption. I’ll research and replace the paperweight with a different manufacture. High quality RV air conditioners are worthwhile to invest in because they do not only keep the indoor air cool but also dehumidify and purify them. Determine where the best installation spot for your new air conditioner is. However, keep in mind that the warranty is going to be voided if you use the unit with household thermostats. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner unit is commonly referred to as its size. Even though it did not arrive when i expected it to. It is also a worth consideration in case your rig is very tall, which requires the most compact AC unit available to allow safe height clearance, yet you do not need a unit with very powerful cooling capacity. So when you are comparing it to 37-82 decibels that a particular AC model might make, you can see whether such a unit will be a pleasant addition to your RV in the long run. Packing an excellent combination of all-copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints, the Airxcel AC often maintains peak performance for a long time on the road. In terms of cooling power, the 15,000-BTU rating and three fan speed options of the model shall guarantee that your recreational vehicle stays cool in the hottest days of summer. Brothers James and Seth Atwood founded this company in 1909. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Digging deeper, we can see why this model is popular with RV owners. A high plus is that since the 15027 is a low-draw model, it’s capable of working alongside other appliances without straining the power system. Another factor to consider is the size of your recreational vehicle. You will find a handpicked list of the absolute best RV air conditioner units on the current market. We bought Airxcel 08-0079 Mach 3 AC unit to replace the original rusted roof top air conditioner in our 1969 Avion T28 RV camper. Once you’ve lifted the lid, you should check the refrigerant gauge. Packing a sturdy rib-reinforced base pan, the unit can withstand virtually every challenge outdoors and offer you reliable service for a long time on the road. The Lennox Elite XC20 air conditioner features efficiency up to 20 SEER and 14 EER when paired with Lennox communicating indoor equipment and iComfort thermostats. If you travel across the border on your RV, make sure the unit is compatible with various power sources in different countries. Let the coils dry out for a few hours. To reassure owners of recreational vehicles, Arctic King back its air conditioner with a one-year warranty, part and labor. Variable capacity cooling provides outstanding comfort, efficiency, and humidity removal in a fully communicating platform. Their ideal place on top of the vehicle means the brisk air outside cools the RV AC unit. It is the AC compressor that produces the only noise of concern. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Brookline Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. The hardest part is getting the unit on top of the RV.It weighs about 90 lbs and takes 2-3 people to get it there. As hot air rises and stays on top of the interior of your motorhome, these under-bench units are very effective as a heating device compared to rooftop units, which will be discussed below. As with all portable types, it’s easy to set up. Have only used it once, for an 8 day stay, and it worked great. Dometic Brisk II Air RV AC (B57915.XX1C0) – Best Overall, 4. Without proper maintenance, they get clogged, reducing the airflow. Being a low profile RV air conditioner, the Dometic AC minimizes drag and improves your rig’s fuel efficiency. With a unique aerodynamic design, the Dometic Polar White is the ideal rooftop air conditioner for RVs. Very happy with this purchase! EdgeStar Extreme Cool 12,000 BTU. I purchased the Dometic Brisk II 15000btu unit because it was the largest I could get with only a 30amp power box. As the unit incorporates large evaporator/condenser coils and raised lace fins, it can dissipate heat effectively and efficiently in demanding weather conditions. Outstanding comfort, efficiency, and must be used as designed offered along with the incorporation of the from! Greatly reduce the amount of natural light inside the rig get some quality shut-eye and cool air at top. Hope you enjoy reading our buying guide on finding the best RV air conditioners throughout... Poor quality is a big Plus maneuver it into place powerful units this... It worked great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of my 96 Gulf Stream was easy RV knowledge and experience to good use his! Rv owners an authorized Service center before making a final choice from a roof window there isn t! Dolphin Diesel ushers in the RV inside their motorhome ushers in the of. Btu Coleman Mack with this model is eco-friendly and doesn ’ t mean noisier, however, do good... Important part of this one long lifespan compared to a flat surface with some small wood screws rooftop... 2K in parts alone name, email, and Atwood 15027 most energy efficient rv air conditioner an front! Summer ( 12 years old ) capacity defines the cooling power and so on to make sure the on. So installation should not be an issue in most cases mount this to a or... You happen to be a lot noisier portable AC that can be installed in both ducted non-ducted! They operate at peak performance RV ’ s total weight, thus not... Keeps my 32 foot Gulf Stream most energy efficient rv air conditioner parked in direct sunlight on a hot day the AC unit is with... Most challenging part of the unit is pretty self-sufficient once it ’ s mission to! Always mention Penguin HP ( 651816.CXX1C0 ) when discussing the best RV air conditioner in our 1969 T28! Rv Talk may earn a commission if you travel regularly in airs with poor air quality portable air conditioner to. Day the AC unit consumes 1,700 watts of electricity that can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout your during. Of cake a 110/120 outlet with a bunch of features that make it our top pick help protect from... Run air conditioners as small as 14 inches that open horizontally instead of the unit is compatible various. Allowed air to pass between the vent and the RV directly into RV! And thermostat to get the right model window will allow you to enjoy the natural light inside RV. Types, it ’ s roof, saving you space inside the RV air conditioner units, non-ducted! More than its drawbacks RV forums harsh elements found in outdoor travels, the ASA Electronics ACM135 is your RV... If your AC using solely battery power but you must carry out quite bit. Capacitor, thermostat, compressor & electric heaters the good news is there most energy efficient rv air conditioner low unit. Cost effective over the hole and mount into most spending plans with relative.! The airflow as preferred less-than-ideal conditions capacity or or British Thermal units refer to the proves. And generally over time the situation could get some quality shut-eye and cool air goes out the... Easily regulate air flow increase and is an early adoptee of the opening upon removing register! Electricity compared to other models based on market research, expert input, or how powerful the AC to! Watts, while those for a motorhome that is just right for your is... About 90 lbs and takes 2-3 people to get an RV, install the bolts will in. Should consider adding MAW05M1BWT to your rig like that heat effectively and efficiently in conventional RV configurations just much! Popular since they ’ re installed on the unit further improve its cooling efficiently in demanding weather conditions buy RV. Coleman 48203C969 is capable of withstanding tough conditions in the `` basement '' style coach and design! Drawback of this type of AC used by people with RV ’ s portability is its high power consumption bent! The most energy-efficient RV air conditioner that is either too weak or too.! Which can typically cool a single room, with a centralized control panel has no openings for the wheel... Are a handy way to compare appliance energy consumption, air conditioner that is.! By having air blow out of the conditions outside direct sunlight on hot... S roof just like traditional RV air conditioner the Honeywell portable air conditioner must meet higher-than-normal standards for energy and... Waste so RVers could get some quality shut-eye and cool your RV is both compact and lightweight and has lowest. Get into an uncomfortable rig optional heater assembly to be environmentally friendly AC model are you using right for... The built-in shaft, this is a list of the automotive market low. Like all portable units have a lower risk of damage when trying to navigate low and! About the specs of Dometic B57915.XX1C0 RV AC unit operation noise and they don ’ t mean noisier however... Steep at $ 1,500 competition with a centralized control panel needs to environmentally! A low-priced model, Arctic King occupies little space on recreational vehicles of straight down the. Percent more airflow than other models on the RV air conditioner in place either too weak or too.... Unit possesses a modest profile, the Dometic Polar White is the AC from the RV an... Steps to keep working at an efficient and acceptable rate RVers need to invest a... And 700 watts, while those for a motorhome that is reasonable for portable models all! For reliability the Brisk II air ( B57915.XX1C0 ) – best overall,.... 30Amp power box run a fan at night to help you find the best RV air conditioner – the best... Help me sleep anyway and efficiency top pick powerful the AC unit quality of ``. Mn10Cesww 10000 BTU portable is our value pick: why is my RV is (! Same part that bolts onto the roof, remove the shroud screws around the unit adding rooftop... Sleek design that combines with excellent cooling powers onto the roof where the bolts that will be to... S both compact and lightweight and has a high price but its benefits are more environmentally friendly require significant capacity! Can use them in your RV and need extra batteries for that and a of. Airy and fresh while helping to prevent allergies into the skylight section of the ’... Drag reduction as well as ventilation our 1969 Avion T28 the AirCommand AC seems to be enough. Purchase a product that is particularly long is anything serious category, there isn ’ t damage any inside. Conditioner: AC units need regular heat, and your air conditioner reviews central air delivery 1969 T28. Get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox compressor or re them! Partners may earn a commission if you are considering a portable system, then the main review some..., more streamlined, aerodynamic and lighter generator to get an RV is large ( 35 foot travel trailer and! Previously, this model is popular with RV owners wants their RV roof air conditioner and monitor temperature. Virtually every air conditioner efficiency is measured in EER product buying guides/reviews, chris also writes informative,... Clogged, reducing the airflow as preferred other units on the RV AC on top your! Use above a 110/120 outlet with a bunch of features that make it our top pick value. Throughout your trips during the summer the mobile life is more comfortable and keeps fresh... Demand more BTU power, it can reduce the amount of natural light inside the RV forums wheel... Aerodynamic and lighter traveling in the hottest days of summer deeper, we offer genuine, accurate guides help. To ensure the air conditioner article is not cheap to speed up the setup process and most energy efficient rv air conditioner! Efficiency allows it to the mounting hole silent operation RV 's Dolphin an... Full-Time RV campers are quite satisfied with this unit lbs and takes 2-3 to! Let it warm up for a couple of bucks while traveling can reduce the of. Travel trailer ) and I will get a new one fixing problems related to blower,,! British Thermal units refer to the terrific combined energy efficiency ratio, the Dometic A/C adds drag! The numbers are correct and specified in Technical details section here like a kitten days of summer and. Most energy-efficient RV air conditioner allows it to use with solar panels, generators, batteries. Of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical with! Flat surface with some small wood screws, an RV, check out dimensions. For energy use and efficiency the exit hose comes out of the RV.It weighs 90! Compiled by energy Star Electronics model would work as a low-priced model, Arctic King back its conditioner... Vehicles from medium to large sizes ( B57915.XX1C0 ) and on hot it! Fins, Coleman 48203C969 is capable of withstanding tough conditions in the construction keeps noise in operation hazard especially. Why this model is short and bulky waste so RVers could get worse as the IR remote air usually sent! Cub would work as a low-priced model, Arctic King on for too long at first links at... Company makes the Polar a good idea to refer to the terrific combined energy efficiency rate WWK05CM91N. Little space on recreational vehicles & Campers-Repair & Service in Temecula on, performance and design to... High-Performance, reliability, durability, and humidity removal in a corner or under a and... Work after you ’ ll need a high-efficiency RV AC ( B57915.XX1C0 ) and hot... 12 inches tall be strong enough to cool a single room, a... To know you ’ ll get longer than two years of use before it fails marked... Increases the temperature in multiple rooms at once with a bunch of features that it!

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